Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Blog, New Mission Statement from JP Sherman

Welcome to my new blog and its introductory post... welcome to Competitive Market Intelligence. While blogging isn't new to me, I've done several articles and posts for Search Engine Lowdown, the public face of the company I work for, MarketSmart Interactive. However, since MSI is known to be a SEO/ SEM type company, there are often offshoots of marketing that interest me a little more. In essence, this blog is going to be a little like a mullet (to quote Garrett in the front, party in the back).

I plan on writing serious thought pieces, analysis and ideas, but at the same time, not forget that marketing really boils down to the relationship between two entities. I hope that you'll enjoy my often snarky comments, sarcastic rants and other randomness that fills the time between actual thoughtful work.

So, without further ado, here's my mission statement:

  • Competitive Market Intelligence is all about the online marketspace and its interactions with all of us. Those interactions with the users can be found in the statistical interpretation of analytics, they can be improved with studies about usability and design and they can be interpreted with data and some intuitive creativity.
  • This blog will not only be about marketing, search, competitive intelligence and topics that surround online marketing, but it will also be a reflection of one persons' somewhat sarcastic and skeptical view of the online marketing world.
  • My goal is to learn as much as I can and share that information with you. I hope that with each topic, that a conversation is started and all of us come out of it a little bit smarter.
  • I want to have fun, and cultivate an environment where you can have fun too.
Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope to do this for a long time. Right now, I'm using Blogger... eventually, I will get my own domain and do something really creative with it. For now, I'm going to be finding my own voice in this space. Thanks again.

-JP Sherman

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