Wednesday, February 7, 2007 Launches Today - Social Networking for Social Causes launched this morning. It's a social network that promotes networking, communication, and non-profit support. This is a great idea that has needed to happen.

Having worked and volunteered for many non-profit organizations, I know that the plight of the fundraiser can be a fairly difficult job. It takes long hours, lots of research and of course, all forms of networking. The stress is high, but when you can see the efforts pay off, it's worth it. boasts support for over 1 million non-profits, which is amazing at launch. This will allow people to enter in and immediately find what they're looking for and hopefully instantly connect to people who want to affect the same change in the world.

Here's a screenshot of the homepage:

There's nothing about this site that I dont like, the social issues are listed in a familiar format, the statement asks the user a question... absolutely brilliant.

One of the things I've always heard about the internet is that it has the potential and power to affect positive change... and looks to be on the forefront of applying social change, social networking and all the best aspects of Web 2.0.

Prior to my current job, I worked in Psychological Operations for the US Army. During peacetime, we worked very closely with humanitarian organizations that promoted de-mining efforts in Southeast Asia. One of the more powerful aspects of this site is that people can gather around a similar issue like Banning Land Mines.

It's something that I'm passionate about and it's something that I've done in my life to make it a better place. On's Ban Land Mine page, users center themselves around an issue, upload videos, upload personal stories and recommend non-profits. For the land mine issue, there's no non-profits recommended, but for the issue of protecting a woman's right to choose, people have recommended Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights. This is a powerful tool for people to talk about an issue, meet like minded people, network with activists and connect with non-profits. only takes 1% of the donation to each non-profit. This is an amazing tool for people and non-profits to benefit from social networking technology.

One of my critiques however, is that the issues involved arent that well developed. There are all the hot issues, but a search for "science education" or "evolution" doesnt result in any groups. They ask me if I wanted to start that group, but I would have liked to see some of the more minor issues represented. But honestly, all that is minor because it's the first day of launch and there's going to be gaps in the causes.

I hope they succeed, it's a great idea at the right time.

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