Monday, January 22, 2007

2000 Blogs/ 55 Million = 3.6x10^-3% of the Blogosphere

Tino Buntic has decided to put up the faces and links to 2000 bloggers. It doesn't matter if they're A-List, D-List or complete unknowns. He's creating a very cool little mosaic blogging meme.

And of course, I had to submit myself.

Shout out to Cord Silverstein of Marketing Hipster for letting me know of this. My pic's a little fuzzy and I look 15 because of the hat.. but what the hell, it's fun!

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Ed Reif said...

JP are you listed. I didn't see you...Anyway the thought virus and meme has mutated to this:

Hay be part of the new(er) media experien

I want to feature you in my new mashup,

Think American Idol meets Survivor with The Apprentice. Who gets voted off the island? Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Hired or fired? Do you Digg it? Use reality tv groundrules, and VOTE!

Hotel @nyware is paying the 2000 bloggers off in social currency. This is an open source call out there to vet out the 2000 to Hotel @nyware's new Z list of 150.