Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More on Evidence Based Managment

I love this cartoon, and as I go through Pfeffer and Suttons' book, there are parts of the book that remind me of this.

This cartoon has been used to entertain math geeks, critique pseudoscience like Intelligent Design, and brilliantly show that knowledge starts with data and ends with something useful (hopefully). But somewhere in the middle is the arduous task of analysis, being wrong, being frustrated, hard work, peer review and all of the un-sexy stuff that gets ignored.

It's kind of a small rant, but it's the "CSI-ification" of science or analysis... they get a clue, then some fancy camera shots and a high tech lab... chemicals and viola! They get the information they need to catch the bad guy.

The miracle is hard work... it's the analysis, it's the brainstorming of lots of smart people trying to figure it out. To call it a miracle is almost an insult... and that's why I love this cartoon

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