Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Some Cliches Become Even Truthier

From Eric Mattson's Marketing Blurb, he writes about an interesting study from Susquehanna about the trends of content. In Eric's article, he mentions that in 2005, content sites accounted for 36% of the users' time. However, in 2006, that trend went upwards to 45%.

The interesting point here is where that trend is going to go, and where it will reach a critical mass. In 2007, will the numbers be somewhere from 55 - 60% or will the trend start to slow down, even out and become more static?

Another interesting aspect of this is how do marketers create content for users? Rather than having marketers jump into the latest fad, they actually need to have a strategy that's a little more in depth than slapping together a blog. Garrett French's blog has an excellent market conversation strategy guide.

Understanding that content sites are increasing in popularity, and putting together a strategy to communicate with your users could absolutely bring in business, but even more valuable... a relationship with the content providers and the company itself.

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